At Ceteq we offer technology solutions for information focused on meeting the needs of companies to find technologically trained personnel, in the same way extends the opportunity to young programmers interested in joining the business sector.

Today’s talented young people often have a hard time joining companies in various sectors, such as banking, government, insurance, finance and real estate among others, since they must meet certain requirements.

We offer an innovative solution that will benefit young people professionals who have the necessary talent and knowledge to offer technological and business solutions and to companies that require trained personnel.


We do

At Ceteq we focus on the current needs of IT companies and the challenge that it means for young professionals to belong to them, having extensive knowledge of the difficulty in finding technically qualified personnel capable of performing satisfactorily. in the professional field of high demand.

We offer

Our company offers a solution in a truly short time with which we can guarantee the supply of the best resources for companies with IT needs. In this period of time we take care of technically updating professionals with specific tools and training of the highest level, giving as a final result of the process the hiring of a resource trained and committed to the IT sector, encompassing companies in national and international territory.